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Short and Sharp Revival Trigger Series Vol. 4

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Short and Sharp series is a product of divine inspiration by the Holy Spirit to salvage the collapse of moral and spiritual disciplines across the fabrics of Nigerian society and, by extension, the global community. It addresses sundry issues like discipleship, political leadership, economic and business development, social issues, parenting, security, media influences, entrepreneurial skills development and cultural peculiarities of different communities. It is a burden of the Lord to reset societies and integrate quality at a time when mediocrity is enthroned with reckless impunity. Please, don't put the fire off. Spread it across land and sea. It will surely speak to people who will raise the bar of Purity in pursuit of eternal life and social order!


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Price $3,500
Type Paperbook
Author(s) Sola Alimi
Book Publisher Crownix Media Concept

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