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'SMILE & LEARN' - Essential Skills for Tiny Tots, English Book A, B, & C

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'Smile & Learn' - Essential Skills for Tiny Tots is a series of skill sheets, designed for Pre-Primary level, which uses an informative approach to make learning exciting for the children. Each book in this series is accompanied with a Teacher's Resource Book.

This series is very provoking. It captures, in a systematic manner, the natural instinct of a child to learn more. While developing this series, we have kept the child's imagination in mind, planned the skill sheets to attract the complete attention of the learner and enable him/her to do the exercises with full concentration, and learn quickly. It will lead to an all round development of the child.

The use of these skill sheets will promote and develop the following skills: sensory-motor, cognitive, observation & recognition, classification, vocabulary enhancement, and Language.


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Price $1,800
Type Paperbook
Book ISBN 978511594-1
Author(s) Accessible Publishers Ltd.
Book Publisher Accessible Publishers Ltd.
Series 1-3

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