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Somayina - The Little Smart Orphan

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One after the other, a young couple dies, leaving behind a toddler called Somayina. At age seven, this adorable little orphan is returned to the village, to live with his father's mother. Everyone is afraid of this weird, old woman, but Somayina is fascinated by her unkempt hair, bushy grey eyebrows, and overgrown nails. He loves his life with his grandmother. He plays in the sunshine, growing up amongst the goats and birds. But this fantastic life was cut short. Like a fish in a river, he was removed from his grandmother and made to live with strangers. He can't fit into city life; he is missing his grandmother so much. Will he ever find his way back to his grandmother in the tranquil hilly village? As the little orphan muses over all these in his heart, something strange happens that gets him even more confused.


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Price $900
Type Paperbook
Book ISBN 978-154-06152-6-8
Author(s) Chigbo Ugwuoke
Book Publisher Accessible Publishers
Publication Year 2022
Page Count 75

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